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Journal of Outdoor & Environmental Education (JOEE)

From April 2018 Australian Outdoor Providers will have digital access to an ever increasing library of Outdoor Education resources as a result of a new partnership with Springer, one of the world’s largest academic publishing houses.

The Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (JOEE), Australia’s premier outdoor education publication read by Outdoor Educators, was, until recently, published twice a year by the Outdoor Council of Australia. The new agreement sees the publishing of the JOEE passed to Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) in conjunction with Springer. The Outdoor Council of Australia is committed to provide ongoing support to the Journal’s development.

It encompasses:

  • 3 new digital issues published each year

  • Advanced online publication of articles prior to appearing in an issue

  • A growing catalogue of short video abstracts for articles made available on the OEA website

  • Over 100 articles from JOEE and AJOE back issues (JOEE was previously the Australian Journal of Outdoor Education – AJOE). These issues will be added throughout 2018.

While an Australian journal, JOEE is run by an international editorial committee and includes relevant international articles.

You can proceed straight to the JOEE login page here.

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