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Natcorr commences risk & resilience Workshops

The National Centre for Outdoor Risk and Readiness has been created to build capacity and capability to be able to predict, prepare for, mitigate & respond to events, to learn and adapt to be more resilient and safer in the face of a changing climate, so that all Australians and visitors, wherever they live and whatever their age, ability and cultural background, are able to enjoy and benefit from being in the outdoors and feel safe in doing so.

Millions of Australians, school students, families and tourists visit and enjoy our natural environment for school camps, holidays, recreational sports and activities, relaxation, wellbeing, and adventurous expeditions.

Outdoor education and recreation service providers across Australia provide a critical means for many to access, experience and enjoy the benefits of being in nature. However, bushfires, floods and extreme weather events are increasing in number and impact in Australia.

To adequately mitigate the risk for communities and for outdoor practitioners there is a need for a coordinated, national program of research, capacity building and skills development to manage and reduce the risk and impact the changing climate brings.

This is NatCORR.


12th July 9am - 4pm

15th July 9am - 4pm

17th July 9am - 4pm

18th July 9am - 4pm

19th July 9am - 4pm

20th July 9am - 4pm

24th July 9am - 4pm

25th July 9am - 4pm

27th July 9am - 4pm

28th July 9am - 4pm

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